ABS Ring + ABS Sensor Kits

Land Rover Freelander ABS Reluctor Ring + ABS Sensor Kit Front (1998-2000) - LIFETIME GUARANTEE

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Land Rover Freelander ABS Reluctor Ring + ABS Sensor Kit Front (1998-2000) - LIFETIME GUARANTEE


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Our experts say...

"The COST EFFECTIVE and PERMANENT solution to your vehicle's ABS Braking fault!

Land Rover Freelander ABS KIT for vehicles with Chassis Number between WA601203 -> YA999999 Only.

In our experience, the majority of ABS Faults are caused by corroded ABS Rings and damaged ABS Sensors. Here is the solution! A unique full ABS Reluctor Ring and ABS Sensor Kit. Consisting of our latest generation pd 'PRO-COAT V3' Anti-Corrosion Technology ABS Reluctor Rings and pd ABS Sensors. Guaranteed to last the lifetime of the vehicle! Uncomparable to low quality, poorly manufactured, imported products from the Far East.

Includes FREE pd 5ml ABS Reluctor Ring Retainer + FREE ABS Tube Guide + FREE Gripsafe Gloves - SAFETY CRITICAL!

Always best practice to replace in pairs"



Welcome to UK Parts Direct

The UK's Premier ABS Parts & Diagnostic Specialists...


Welcome to UK Parts Direct... As we hope you may have noticed, we have a very personal approach in how we service your business. We really do care about our Customer Service and will always go the extra mile to help...


We don't just supply the very best quality ABS parts in rapid time, we also offer you Free Expert Advice to resolve ABS problems with your vehicle and save you stacks of money in the process.


We are saving each of our customers up to £2000 per vehicle daily!


We have been developing ABS Sensors for just over 10 Years ago, in co-operation with our Manufacturing Partner in Germany.


We are proud to now offer you THE Complete Solution to your ABS issues. Resolve your ABS Fault with our Complete ABS Kit, replacing the ABS Ring and Sensor together, for that overall peace of mind. Take advantage of the cost saving...


ABS Sensor - UK Parts Direct

Best Practice - Fit, Forget & Save £££


In our experience, most ABS faults are caused by the combination of an ABS Reluctor Ring fault along with an ABS Sensor fault.


We often see our customers returning to purchase an ABS Sensor after purchasing an ABS Ring from us the week before. If there has been contact between the two ABS Components, it is very likely that both need to be replaced.


Based on this, we always recommend that you replace both the ABS Rings and ABS Sensors and take advantage of our extended Lifetime Guarantee on both components as well as a 10% added discount when both ABS Kits are replaced on your vehicle.


Check out our growing range of ABS Kits and save yourself money and stress. - pd ABS Sensor & ABS Kits

Fault With Your ABS System?




If your vehicle is experiencing any of the following symptoms, we would recommend having the ABS Sensors tested and ABS Reluctor Rings inspected - most garages will do this free of charge for you and will have fitted our pd ABS Sensors and ABS Reluctor Rings previously.





Front Wheel Drive Vehicles:


1)  Brake Pedal Juddering at low speed

2)  Possible ABS Light ON


Rear Wheel Drive Vehicles:


1)  Possible ABS Light ON

2)  Possible Brake Warning Light ON

3)  Possible Traction Control Warning Light ON

4)  Possible Vehicle in limp mode

5)  Possible Vehicle stuck in low gear



Possible Causes


- Cracked ABS Ring

- Swollen ABS Ring

- Corroded ABS Ring

- ABS Ring Missing Teeth

- ABS Ring Missing Windows

- ABS Ring Impact with ABS Sensor

- Faulty ABS Sensor

- Damaged ABS Sensor




Lifetime Guarantee - PRO-COAT V3

Tested & Guaranteed to last the life of your vehicle...



All of our exclusive pd ABS Sensors and pd PRO-COAT V3 ABS Reluctor Rings are precision engineered, in-house, in Germany, using the highest quality material available.


pd ABS Sensors and ABS Reluctor Rings have been developed as a full upgrade over the Original Equipment and are un-comparable to budget products on the market. pd ABS Sensors use our very latest exclusive Sensor Technology.


Imported, welded ABS Rings from the Far East have little or no coating, resulting in a very short life. Our unique PRO-COAT V3 Coating Technology has been proven to withstand over 100 Hours of intense Salt Spray Testing! Impressive stuff...


pd ABS Reluctor Rings are also all manufactured in One-Piece - NO COMPROMISE. One-piece manufacturing is expensive but is absolutely essential! Cheap welded ABS Rings will snap and need replacing, we have seen this time after time.


To stand by our quality statement, we offer a LIFETIME GUARANTEE on all of our pd ABS Sensors and ABS Reluctor Rings - FIT AND FORGET FOR THE LIFE OF YOUR VEHICLE...



Advanced Engineering

First Time Fit Guaranteed or your Money Back...


All of our exclusive pd ABS Sensors are manufactured to precise tolerances on our advanced production lines, guaranteed for a FIRST TIME FIT backed by our Money Back Guarantee.


ABS Sensors are designed to mount at a set position relative to the ABS Reluctor Ring - called an "air gap". Based on this, it is essential that the ABS Sensor is manufactured to an exact size and fine tolerance. Slightly too small and the ABS Sensor will not read - Slightly too big and the ABS Sensor will impact the ABS Ring.


All of our pd ABS Sensors have been developed to guarantee a first time perfect fit - FIT AND FORGET FOR THE LIFE OF YOUR VEHICLE...



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Offering detailed descriptions and likely reasons as to why your vehicle is showing Engine, Auto Transmission, ABS, Airbag and more Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC's) and can clear those stored codes. A totally unique product and amazing value for money - enabling technicians to accurately diagnose complex problems and now enables you to easily carry out the same.



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Trade Welcome


If you are interested in stocking our pd ABS Sensors or PRO-COAT V3 ABS Reluctor Rings we would be happy to provide more information. As a stockist, we provide you with the support package you need:-


-  Rapid overnight order delivery

-  Huge Stocks, so you can keep your customers satisfied

-  Effective Marketing Support tailored exclusively to your business

-  Online Catalogue that's regularly updated, showing the very latest parts and technical advice

-  Printed Catalogues for staff to quickly and accurately identify the correct parts

-  Stock Profiling to ensure you carry the optimum stock levels


Please feel free to contact us at [email protected]





  ABS Reluctor Ring  
  No. of Teeth / Windows / Magnetic:  
  60 Windows  
  ABS Sensor
  Sensor Type:  
  Passive Sensor
  Connector Colour:  
  Connector Shape:  
  Connector Terminals:  


  1 x ABS Reluctor Ring
  1 x ABS Sensor
1 x FREE ABS Tube Guide
1 x FREE pd 5ml ABS Reluctor Retainer
1 x FREE GripSAFE Gloves