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Multi-Manufacturer Professional Diagnostic Scan Tool - iCarsoft CR Plus - iCARSOFT UK

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"Official iCarsoft UK CR Plus Professional Diagnostic Scan Tool DIRECT from the OFFICIAL iCARSOFT UK OUTLET. Read, Diagnose and Clear your vehicle's faults now... A hand-held diagnostic tool, offering Four System (Engine, Auto Transmission, ABS and Airbag) coverage for over 40 American, Asian and European Vehicle Manufacturers. In addition, includes Oil Service Reset (OLS), Electronic Parking Brake Reset (EPB), Steering Angle Reset (SAS) and Electronic Throttle Reset (ETCS)

Purchase DIRECT from the OFFICIAL iCARSOFT UK OUTLET and receive a Genuine iCarsoft UK Registered Tool with Full 2 Year iCarsoft UK Warranty and Free Expert Support from our UK based Engineers. In addition, we offer you EXCLUSIVE FREE LIFETIME Genuine Software Updates and Support - NO VIN/SOFTWARE RESTRICTIONS - can be used on as many vehicles as you like!"





The Official iCarsoft UK Outlet

The UK's Authorised and Official iCarsoft Tool Outlet


Welcome to the Official iCarsoft UK Diagnostic Tool Outlet at UK Parts Direct. Buy DIRECT and receive a genuine iCarsoft Registered Diagnostic Tool with Full UK Warranty.


We offer Free Expert Support from our dedicated UK Based iCarsoft Engineers, exclusive Software Updates and Update Support. NO VIN / SOFTWARE RESTRICTIONS - can be used on as many vehicles as you like.


BEWARE of unscrupulous fake sellers attempting to deceive people. iCarsoft HQ are aware of numerous of people paying for goods but never receiving!


As Official iCarsoft Diagnostic Tool Outlet, we stock the complete range of iCarsoft Diagnostic Tools, ready for Same Day Dispatch to wherever you are in the world using the very best courier services.


iCarsoft UK

The iCarsoft CR Plus is here

The Expert's Choice - Multi-Manufacturer Coverage is Key


The iCarsoft CR Plus offers Four System coverage for over 40 Vehicle Manufacturers. Providing detailed descriptions and likely reasons as to why your vehicle is showing Engine, Auto Transmission, ABS or Airbag Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC's) and can clear those stored codes. A totally unique product and amazing value for money - enabling technicians to accurately diagnose complex problems and now enables you to easily carry out the same.




+ Oil Service Reset Function...

The iCarsoft CR Plus Diagnostic Tool allows you to reset Oil Service Lights in a click of a button on supported vehicles. On vehicles where a manual reset is required, the tool will guide you through the full process step-by-step.


+ EPB Reset Function...

Brake Pad / Shoe changes on vehicles equipped with EPB's (Electronic Parking Brakes) MUST be carried out using a Diagnostic Tool to correctly re-calibrate. The iCarsoft CR Plus offers you that capability on supported models. De-activate to Service Position - Replace - Re-activate.

EPB Modules are very expensive to replace when damaged! Don't take the risk!


+ ECTS Reset Function...

After cleaning or replacing the Electronic Throttle Body (ECTS), adaptation must be carried out (also the case if the negative terminal of the battery has been disconnected or when the Engine Control Unit has been replaced). The iCarsoft CR Plus will perform Electronic Throttle Body adaptations on supported vehicles.


+ SAS Reset Function...

The Steering Angle Sensor (SAS) is used to measure the angle of the steering wheel and the speed at which it is being turned. The signal is mainly used by the ABS System as part of it's stability control function but also by other systems such as ride level control and adpative lighting. A problem with the SAS Signal will cause a fault with any of the systems that use the signal directly, or indirectly.

If the Steering Angle Sensor (SAS) needs to be changed, many vehicle's require the new sensor to be calibrated. The iCarsoft CR Plus Tool will alllow you to carry out steering angle re-calibration on supported models.



Key Features

  • - Full Colour 4.0" TFT Display
  • - Super Fast, Full System Coverage
  • - Read, Diagnose and Clear Extensive Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC's) including Engine, Auto Transmission, ABS, Airbag
  • - Service Reset Function (where available)
  • - Electronic Parking Brake Reset and Calibration (EPB) (where available)
  • - Electronic Throttle Control Reset (ECTS) (where available)
  • - Steering Angle Reset (SAS) (where available)
  • - Read Live PCM Data Stream (where available)
  • - Extremely easy to use
  • - Stand-alone Operation - No Laptop or Batteries required
  • - Comprehensive Help - including DTC Library Database
  • - Multi-Lingual Menu and DTC Definitions
  • - Software Upgradeable via TF Card

Avoid Fakes

Buy Smart - Buy Genuine - Buy Official


iCarsoft HQ are aware of the existence of Cloned iCarsoft Diagnostic Tools - Beware of cheap copies that will not carry support nor will they be updateable! AVOID FAKES - BUY SMART - BUY GENUINE.




Our Legal Authorisation Letter


Your Support

Benefit from our Expert UK Based iCarsoft Support


Our dedicated team of UK based iCarsoft Engineers are sure to be able to help.


We understand from time to time, you may need some help with your iCarsoft Diagnostic Tool. That is why we have a dedicated team of iCarsoft Engineers on-site to help with any questions you may have.


Every Tool purchased from the iCarsoft UK Official Outlet comes with FREE LIFETIME SUPPORT.


We only support iCarsoft Tools purchased through iCarsoft UK or UK Parts Direct


Technical Phone :

+44 (0)1380 800801

Technical Email :

[email protected]



Your Updates for Life

Exclusive Free iCarsoft Lifetime Software Updates


With Internet access, you will always have the latest bug fixes, new vehicle software, newly added parameters and functionality at your fingertips.


You can download your updates directly from the Official iCarsoft Outlet here at UK Parts Direct. We have even added Update Guides to help you every step of the way.


Every Tool purchased from the iCarsoft UK Official Outlet comes with FREE EXCLUSIVE SOFTWARE UPDATES FOR LIFE.

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Vehicle Coverage

  iCarsoft UK EXCLUSIVE Coverage:
  √  Acura
  √  Alfa Romeo
  √  Audi
  √  BMW
  √  Chrysler
  √  Citroen
  √  Dacia
  √  Daewoo
  √  Fiat
  √  Ford AUS
  √  Ford EU
  √  Ford USA
  √  GM
  √  Holden
  √  Honda
  √  Hyundai
  √  Infiniti
  √  Isuzu
  √  Jaguar
  √  Kia
  √  Lancia
  √  Land Rover
  √  Lexus
  √  Mazda
  √  Mercedes
  √  Mercedes Sprinter
  √  Mini
  √  Mitsubishi
  √  Nissan
  √  Opel
  √  Peugeot
  √  Porsche
  √  Renault
  √  Saab
  √  Scion
  √  Seat
  √  Skoda
  √  Smart
  √  Subaru
  √  Suzuki
  √  Toyota
  √  Vauxhall
  √  Volkswagen
  √  Volvo


  4.0" TFT LCD Display, 480x320 pixels  
  Input Voltage Range:  
  Operating Current:  
  150mA @12V (Typical)  
  Power Consumption:  
  1.8W (Typical)  
  Operating Temperature:  
  32ºF - 122ºF / 0ºC - 50ºC  
  Storage Temperature:  
  -4ºF - 158ºF / -20ºC - 70ºC  
  Working Humidity:  
  < 80%  


  - iCarsoft Diagnostic Tool  
  - Main Diagnostic Cable  
  - User Manual  
  - USB Cable  
  - TF Card  
  - TF Card Reader  


View FileiCarsoft UK 2nd Gen Update Guide V1.00 EN.pdf    Size: (1011 KB)

Software Updates

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